The 3 Stages of Twitter Users and The Best Tools For Each

Whether you’re new to Twitter, an experienced user, or a complete Twitter addict, Twitter tools make everything easier. In this article, I’ll suggest some of my favorite Twitter tools for each type of user, so everyone can find something useful.

But first, let me mention a free tool that should be part of everyone’s toolset…

Something For Everyone: BufferApp

It’s awesomely easy to use, and can be used as your sole means of tweeting or in combination with other tools. But before I tell you about its cool features, let me tell you why I think you should use it: It’s the easiest tool I know of to help you be a better Twitter user.

First, it integrates into tons of places. You can use it right from within, for example, and more apps all the time have begun integrating it. You can use it from your mobile or in most browsers.

So, what is it exactly?

It’s a simple button that just says “Buffer.” Click it and the website you are visiting (or the tweet you are reading, if you use it to retweet) will appear as a pre-written tweet for you. Edit as you wish—or leave it as Buffer wrote it for you—and then simply click “Add to Buffer.” Your tweet will then be automatically sent at the best time to reach people. A recent study showed how people using Buffer for the first time got 200% more engagement (clicks and retweets) on their tweets.

Buffer helps prevent you from over-tweeting by spacing out your tweets, as well helping users who don’t tweet enough to reach more people by sending their tweets at optimal times. It helps both over- and under-tweeters!

Just some of its cool features include:

  1. It tells you how many clicks, retweets and reach you get for every tweet you send!
  2. Super-simple drag-and-drop interface to change when tweets are sent.
  3. Complete customization of tweet times and days.
  4. Tweet recommendation feature when you are looking for something good to tweet.
  5. It has both free and pro versions.
  6. Facebook integration coming soon!

Tools For Newbies

A Place To Read And Organize Your Tweets: MarketMeSuite

Formerly a paid service, now free for everyone!

MarketMeSuite follows many of the same conventions other dashboard apps use, like Twimbow, TweetDeck and HootSuite, so it’s a great app to start with. There are tons of great features. You can

  • Create Reply Campaigns,
  • Pull In Rss Feeds,
  • Track Keywords
  • Collaborate With Others
  • Compare The Klout Score Of The Users You Are Interacting With,

Cool Feature: This social media dashboard also includes great tutorial videos on each feature as soon as you sign up for it to help you start getting results right away.

A Place To Share And Promote Your Tweets: Twylah

As you send out more and more tweets, you’ll want people to see them, and to be able to browse through them yourself.

Twylah is great for that, because it automatically turns all your Tweets into a beautiful website, filled with your tweets organized by category and displayed with rich media. It makes it very easy for your followers to understand what you’re Tweeting about the most and whether you’re a good fit to follow them. It automatically “promotes” you to new people!

At a glance you or anyone can quickly review your past Tweets. Try putting your Twylah page in your Twitter bio, in your email signature, or on your blog.

Cool Feature: All of your Tweets are also indexed in Google via Twylah, which is a great way to get more exposure from your Twitter efforts!

Create Twitter Lists Auto-Efficiently: Formulists

Twitter lists are a powerful way to grow your community, and an easy first step when you begin tweeting and following people. But it can be time-consuming to remember to organize everyone into lists!

Fortunately, with Formulists you can easily automate triggers that put people into the right list. So if someone retweets, mentions or follows you, you can have them in the right list of your network…automatically. And by reviewing lists that show who is retweeting you the most, you can stay engaged with your growing community.

Cool Feature: The most engaged people in your network are always shown in an open tab.

Tools For Experienced Users

Connect Deeper With Your Own Twitter Chat Room: Nurph

Nurph lets you tweet a link to bring your friends & followers together for a real-time chat without taking over your follower’s timelines with long conversations.

What’s great is that all Twitter accounts automatically already have their own Nurph chat room.

It’s great for providing more details than is easy to do in tweets, or for long or involved chats.

Cool Feature: All your tweets can be streamed right into your chat room, so it’s easy to reply right from a tweet.

Participate More Seamlessly In Twitter Chats: TweetChat

Hashtags are words added to tweets that act like topic or event labels. They let you search more easily for tweets by topic. Even before you start tweeting yourself, hashtags are a fun and useful way to get value out of Twitter. To turn a word into a hashtag topic label, all you do is add a “#” to the beginning of it (iPhone becomes  #iPhone, for example).

One of the coolest uses of #hashtags is to create Twitter Chats. To talk about the topic, just add the topic hashtag to your tweet (such as #BlogChat or #ToolsChat). Hashtags are one of the very best ways get started tweeting. You can just listen, or chime in anytime!

Chats let you participate in discussing a particular topic with other Twitter users, and last only an hour or so. There are Twitter chats for web design, blogging tips, Social Media and much, much more. Here is a great list of hundreds of Twitter chats.

TweetChat makes chats easy for you. Set the dashboard to the chat hashtag you want to follow, and it will automatically show you all new chat Tweets as they are sent.

Cool Feature: The interface lets you hide any user that might be over-tweeting or off-topic to keep things focused and useful for you.

Get Advanced Twitter Hashtag Analytics: Hashtracking

Once you have begun to understand the power of hashtags, you’ll want to study more of them.

To see how many people are using a hashtag or for tracking an online or offline Twitter event or chat that you want to start, Hashtracking is a great solution for getting powerful, free reports on any hashtag.

It shows how many Tweets were posted, how many people potentially saw a hashtag, and total retweets. Additionally you will get a display of the top 10 users from the hashtag, which is very helpful to identify key people for any topic, chat or event, as you did with WhoTweetedMe.

Cool Feature: Hashtracking makes it very easy to export all results to be used in a presentation, and will also soon include a geographic analysis option.

Tools For Real Twitter Addicts

Get Control of Troublesome Spammers and Quitters: ManageFlitter

After you’ve been tweeting and following people for awhile, you will sometimes come across people you want to unfollow. The longer you’re on Twitter, the more frequently you’ll encounter this problem. Some people you follow just quit, others simply waste your time and clutter up your stream of tweets. ManageFlitter has a wonderful, easy interface to help you keep your Twitter connections with great people uninterrupted by folks you don’t want to connect with any more.

Cool Feature: ManageFlitter has one of the simplest integrations of Google Plus into Twitter.

Get Great Looking Reports On How You’re Doing: TwitSprout

Once you really get going on Twitter, you’ll want to track how you’re doing in a glance, and maybe have reports you can share and save. TwitSprout makes it easy.

See your follower growth, total retweets, and mentions over time and more on a single page. The app interestingly even overlays them for you to make it easier to understand whether your growth is happening organically.

Cool Feature: TwitSprout lets you export charts of your data to use in presentations or reports.

Get More Information From Tweets In Less Time: ParrotFish

ParrotFish displays all links from Tweets you come across with rich text preview. This means you can see the website or the media from the link, before clicking anything. They automatically display information from tons of sites for you:

What a great way to stay focused on reading news and not get distracted by clicking on posts which aren’t worth your time!

Cool Feature: Save items to Instapaper directly from with the Chrome extension for a big efficiency boost.

Regardless of which kind of Twitter user you are, I think you’ve found something to help you here.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Add your comment in the box below. Thanks!

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