If you want more followers, retweets, clicks and Klout, you’ve GOT to try this!

Here’s the tip: Tweet when more people are listening by using a tool that takes care of everything for you.

How much can it help?

@AskAaronLee and @DanaMStanley gained 11 and 15 points on their Klout score when they started using BufferApp in barely three weeks. BufferApp takes whatever you click to share, and posts it when the most people will be listening. Other people who’ve tried Buffer have found it doubled their retweets,  gotten over 100 new followers, increased clicks (200% CTR rise) and raised their Klout score several points.

You should definitely try it yourself!

The information I’m quoting about increased engagement on tweets is from a study of 2000 Twitter users done by Buffer, which is a free tool that helps people automatically schedule tweets for the best times of day, and helps you tweet more while spreading out your tweets more easily. The study is of Buffer users.

You can do this by adding just one click to your sharing routine

Buffer simplifies your sharing by integrating with other tools, so making a maximum impact is always just a click away. For example, here’s what it looks like when integrated with Twitter.com:

Buffer automatically sets itself up for  times you are likely to get more engagement (clicks, retweets, comments, etc.) or you can use your own research and resources to determine your own best times to tweet and adjust Buffer accordingly. It’s easy and simple to use. I use it, enjoy it, and recommend it. To make the most of your tweets, you should also be familiar with the “What makes a tweet great?” article.

Some of the many places you can integrate Buffer into your sharing routine include:

  • Your browser: Available for Chrome, Firefox or Safari or as a Bookmarklet for any browser
  • Twitter.com
  • Google Reader
  • Android mobile browser
  • On any Mobile
  • On your website or blog (help others share your posts)
  • StrawberryJam
  • Refynr

(If you’d like more information on the methodology and findings from the study, contact @LeoWid.)


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