How to create “special delivery” tweets that reach more people

Here’s what sucks:

If someone misses your tweet, it will probably never be read or seen again. This is because most people read only primarily current tweets. Since everyone uses Twitter in their own way, there are exceptions, but generally this is a problem that Tweets have that things like email, voicemail, regular mail, etc. don’t have:

Tweet at the wrong time and most of your followers could miss your tweet.

So most of the time if someone starts reading tweets much before or after you send one, they won’t see it, and will never read it.

What You Need Is a Special Delivery Tweet.

This is a tweet that automatically shows up in your followers’ stream when they are most likely to see it.

To create special delivery tweets whenever you want them, choose where you tweet from the most in the list below (you can choose more than one), and add what’s called the “Buffer button” to your browser or app:

Next, sign up for a free BufferApp account by clicking the “Signup for Free” button here. (Sign up is fast, easy and free.)

Auto-magic, one click special delivery

Now, to automatically reach people at the next time they are likely to be online, just use the Buffer button in your browser.

Plus, Buffer gives you cool analytics on all your special delivery tweets, and is working on a feature so that the more you tweet, the smarter Buffer gets about sending your tweets out when people are most likely to see them. (Sign up for free now to be first in line for this special feature.)

If you want to do your own modifications, Buffer allows you to completely customize when your tweets go out. While Buffer is working on building more advanced intelligence into the tool, you might want to check out some of the different strategies people use to find the best times to tweet.

Buffer can also be used in a wide variety of cool ways. I use it to increase my #TweetCred, making it easier for people to check me out and get to know me on Twitter.

Got questions on how best to create special delivery tweets? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!