What’s the secret to success on Twitter?

Listen to advice from people on Twitter. Don’t just follow it blindly, though. Take what one person tells you, think about it, and research it. Use it as a basis to ask questions and do searches for more information. At least half of the useful things I’ve learned on Twitter have come from other people.

I’ve done so many things that needed to be done better…and I’ve changed in response to feedback. I’m still adapting today, and there are still things that need changing that I’ve been slow to take on. I love to hear anything people think, even if they feel they have a serious disagreement with the way I’m doing something.

So my three-step program to Twitter success would have to be:

  1. Care and listen
  2. Engage and question
  3. Respond and adapt

I’ve learned that it’s the Twitter community—and my responsiveness to them—that is the “secret” of success at @TweetSmarter.

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