What are the most USEFUL and HELPFUL Twitter articles of all time?

How do I suggest a Twitter article?

Add your suggestion in the comments below, or tweet your suggestion by linking to the article and adding the #BestTipEver hashtag.

What will you do with suggested articles?

The best quality suggestions will be tweeted and added to a separate website where they will be promoted. For multiple articles covering the exact same topic, only the best will be promoted/tweeted.

How many visitors might you send to suggested sites?

While our most popular tweet of all time got over 23,000 clicks, a few hundred to a couple thousand clicks is more common from a @Twitter_Tips tweet. We will also promote the suggested articles on several websites over time, probably increasing the number of clicks 200-400%.

What makes a Twitter article useful and helpful?

First, a few things to watch out for:

  1. The article should be primarily about Twitter, not about social media, blogging Facebook, etc.
  2. It’s giving advice on things that have changed since it was published (many old articles ARE still relevant).
  3. It should get to the main point quickly. The headline or first paragraph should explain or at least mention the main point fairly clearly
  4. The article does not suggest violating Twitter’s terms of service in any way. Since most—but not all—”how to make money” on Twitter articles suggest one or more violations, Twitter money-making articles are unlikely to make the cut.
  5. The website format makes the content of the article easy to read. No-no’s include: Challenging color schemes, multiple ads in the same column space as the article, long paragraphs with no subheads, etc. Yes, a great article on a borderline difficult-to-read site will be considered.

Some things that are common to a higher quality Twitter article:

  1. It helps clear up common misunderstandings about Twitter features or benefits.
  2. It provides clear steps and resources.
  3. It provides guidance and explanation for better vs. worse ways of doing things.
  4. It helps people understand more about all the valuable ways Twitter can be used.
  5. It doesn’t encourage violating (at least generally) the Social Media Pledge guidelines.

Can I just suggest a #TwitterTip and not an actual article?

Click here to suggest a short Twitter Tip without linking to an article.

Thanks for your input!

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