Two dozen great Twitter tips to live by

The two tweets I sent out about @DarrenRovell‘s “100 Twitter Rules To Live By” I felt didn’t reach enough people, so I’ve highlighted what I feel are two dozen of his most tweetable tips (and I’ve edited some slightly to make them shorter or more easily tweetable). If you like these, I suggest you read his whole list.

  1. Tweet your gratitude when anyone goes above & beyond for you. If you are impressed, let your followers know. (Tips for tweeting thank-yous.)
  2. Instead of complaining about “free iPad” spam, take 3 seconds and report them as spam. Help solve the problem.
  3. Twitter isn’t a megaphone, it’s a telephone.
  4. Twitter Search may be the most valuable search engine on the Internet. Use it. (Twitter search tips.)
  5. When mentioning a person or brand, look up and use their Twitter handle if they have one.
  6. Follow and tweet out strangers sometimes. There are smart people outside of your circle of friends.
  7. When someone visits your account, your most recent tweets are your resume. Tweet a mixture of things.
  8. Don’t obsess about missing something in your timeline. Obsess about furthering the dialogue.
  9. Don’t announce when you’ve unfollowed someone. Egos run rampant enough on Twitter…move on.
  10. #FollowFriday tweets are a waste of time if you don’t say why they deserve a follow. (#FollowFriday tips.)
  11. Add your touch to a retweet sometimes—even if it’s just a word or two.
  12. Ask your followers for good accounts to follow.
  13. Have 3 good tweets that aren’t time sensitive? Schedule them at different times so each gets attention. (Tweet scheduling tips.)
  14. Proofread your tweets. The amount of typos in 140 characters is mind blowing.
  15. Short tweets stand out. Try saying something poignant in 50 characters. It has a great chance of getting RT’d.
  16. Comment before the RT. Commenting after makes it difficult to distinguish your comment from the original. (About Retweets: Glossary, Syntax and Punctuation.)
  17. If you experience Twitter writer’s block, just take a break. You don’t have a daily quota to meet.
  18. Put up an avatar. Nobody wants to follow a colored egg. It only means your future on Twitter is “cooked.”
  19. Never RT a list of #FollowFriday’s someone included you in. At most Favorite it…and spare your followers.
  20. Lists come in handy when you want a specific group’s most recent tweets. Make some and follow some. (Tips for using lists to find good people to connect with.)
  21. Don’t tweet during important life occasions. Savor the moment; Twitter will be there for you when it’s all done.
  22. Get people who surround you on a daily basis on Twitter. Believe me, it’s a marriage tip too.
  23. Know when something reaches critical mass. If your entire timeline has tweeted the same quote, hold back.
  24. Spend time with people you know in real life…or who are you going to talk to when Twitter is over capacity?

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