Make Twitter pay off—do the hard work (it doesn’t have to take long)

There are so many Twitter tips that boil down to one thing: put some effort into your tweets!

Help others. Respond to people. Don’t use too many abbreviations. Write well. Thank everyone you can. Follow quality people whether they follow you back or not.

Also: Be more positive than you feel. Why? Tweets are so short, they tend to make you appear kind of grumpy! So put a little positivity into your tweets to balance that out.

Use “real life” common sense

Particularly, when comparing Twitter to real life applies, ask yourself: Would I do this in real life? Would you give your phone number out to just anyone simply because they would give you theirs? Of course not! Yet this is how many people “build followers.” Meaning: “You follow me and I’ll follow you” is a quick way to ruin the better uses of Twitter for yourself.

Also: discipline yourself not to spend more time on Twitter than you are ready to. Don’t make it a grind! Always be biased towards feeling like you’re getting something for the time invested, not that it’s a time suck that you don’t understand. The more you learn how to use it well, the more time you will want to put into it!

Are there Twitter Rules?

Some say yes, some say no. While I believe in Twitter Rule #1, I also think there are some useful guidelines.



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