How to fix Twitter problems on your BlackBerry

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Websites That Help

First, realize that when you need help with your Blackberry Twitter application Twitter itself does not support any Twitter applications for Blackberry. It is Blackberry or helpful websites, forums or users you will need to reach out to for support. Also, there are some common tips and tricks listed a little further down in this blog posts. Here are some helpful websites to know of:

Blackberry’s official support sites

Blackberry user forums

Tips and Tricks for Common Issues

Thanks very much to @BBGeeks for this information. They are a great account to communicate with if you have a BlackBerry issue!

The “Incorrect Signature” error

This problem is related to the connection to a services api—if there is a glitch in the communication the error will occur. This can happen because an app is coded wrong…and can then only be fixed by an update from the app’s developers.

TRY THIS FIRST: Enable or disable wifi whenever the error pops up. This fixes the problem for some. If it continues, try one of the fixes listed below.

Battery pull fix for general issues

This is exactly what it sounds like. Remove and reinsert the battery on your Blackberry device to effect a reset.

Delete and reinstall fix

90% of the time, the “Incorrect Signature” glitch—and many other common issues—can be fixed this way. Make sure you know where to go to get the app you want, because you will need to reinstall it after deleting it!

  1. Delete the app
  2. Remove and reinsert the battery
  3. Reinstall app
  4. Remove and reinsert the battery

You’re done!

Twitter for Blackberry “find people” not working

Turn off the https setting from a browser (HT @roverradar).

And be sure to watch our favorite LOL  for BlackBerry users: “My BlackBerry is Not Working!”

4 thoughts on “How to fix Twitter problems on your BlackBerry

  1. Hello….my twitter doesn’t even open…it says unexpected error and I ve deleted it n reinstalled it and it is stil sayin the same thing.Pls wt cn I do?

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