Twitter Records: The Highest Tweets-per-Second and Tweets-per-Minute

UPDATE: In 2012 Twitter started reporting in Tweets per minute (tpm) instead of tweets-per-second (tps), and reported that it has reached an average of 500 million daily tweets as of 10-25-2012.

32,097 was the last Tweets-per-second (TPS) record, set in the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea (previously, Chelsea and Barcelona held the sports record of 13,684 tweets per second, exceeding February’s Super Bowl record of a peak of 12,233 TPS. By the 2012 Summer Olympics  Record Update: @UsainBolt 80,000+ TPM for his 200m victory.

By comparision, @barackobama drove 52,757 tpm at #DNC2012.

Early in 2012, three of the all-time tweets-per second records were quickly set. The first came on New Year’s day, second highest and yesterday’s Superbowl game, the third and fourth highest. (Mashable misreported these as second and third highest, overlooking the new year’s record.)

Here are the highest tps records, before Twitter started reporting in tpm:

1. 32,097 3/19/12: Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea
2. 25,088 12/9/11: Japanese anime movie Castle in the Sky televised in Japan
3. 16,197 1/1/12:  The first day of 2012, Twitter users in Japan tweeted Happy New Year, bringing Twitter down for more than an hour.
4. 15,358 7/1/12: #Euro2012 Final
5. 12,233 2/5/12: End of Giants vs. Patriots Superbowl game
6. 10,245 2/5/12: Madonna’s Superbowl halftime performance
7. 9,420 1/8/12:  @TimTebow leads the @Denver_Broncos to an overtime playoff win.
8. 8,868 8/28/11: At the MTV Video Music Awards Beyonce confirms she and husband Jay-Z are havin a baby
9. 7,671 9/20/11: To save convicted murderer Troy Davis from execution, thousands of tweets sent in a last-minute effort . Davis, who was sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer in Georgia, was put to death the next day.
10. 7,196 7/17/11: At the FIFA Women’s World Cup both the U.S. vs. Japan as well as the Paraguay vs. Brazil (7,166) game set records
11. 7,064 8/25/11: Steve Jobs resigned and made Tim Cook CEO of Apple.
12.6,436 6/27/11: The BET Awards’ heavy social media integration before and during broadcast helped made the event of contest winner Tiffany Greene declaring Chris Brown the winner but then later saying the award actually belonged to Rihanna set a record for tweets.
13. 6,303 5/28/11: Barcelona defeated UEFA Champions League Manchester United, 3-1, in the finals
14. 6,049 10/6/11: When Steve Jobs died Oct. 5 fans discussed his passing through tweets, many with the hashtag #RIPSteveJobs, which quickly became a trending topic.

And here is a chart of the records for 2011 (actually more accurate than the official site here, because Twitter strangely put up their year in review site before the end of 2011).

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