Twitter rule #1

Twitter the company does have rules and suggested best practices you should follow. But beyond that, what’s true is:

Twitter rule #1: Make your own rules.

(c) Jennifer Berman, Humerus Cartoons

If someone tells you you’re doing Twitter wrong, feel free to ignore them.

Did you know that many of Twitter’s features were invented by users? @msgs, #hashtags and retweets were all invented by users.

Part of Twitter’s magic is that you create your own experience! (You might want to read “Quit worrying about people that don’t want to follow you.”) There are an infinite number of ways to use Twitter. But because this is true, also remember…

Twitter rule #2: Be open to learning.

There are a lot of great ways to get more out of Twitter that you can learn from others.

If someone gives you Twitter advice, feel free to think about it. Ask questions. Investigate. Don’t take what you know for granted. Part of Twitter’s magic is that there are an infinite number of new things to learn about how it can be used.

How to tell if an article about Twitter gives bad advice: It relies on one point of view. When someone says “Twitter is about this one thing” they are automatically wrong.

Twitter is about a lot of things, not just any one thing. But because this is true, remember…

Twitter rule #3: Engage with and help others.

Once you learn how powerful connecting with and helping others is on Twitter, you can forget all the other rules :)

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