Help! My Tweets Are Missing!

Do NOT leave a comment here that your tweet count is wrong—you need to visit the Twitter page for your issue. Leave a comment only if you have already visited the Twitter page for your issue (see below for links).

UPDATE: Twitter has put out updated statuses from time to time: · November 27 status · December 10 status · May 25 Status


Click the link below that best describes your problem:

TIP: Sometimes switching to will show your missing tweets.

  1. My Tweets and Hashtags are not showing up in search.
  2. My Tweet count is incorrect.
  3. I’m missing mentions and/or @replies.
  4. I have a different Twitter problem—my problem isn’t listed here.
  5. Tweets that should appear in a search don’t

TIP:Clearing your browser cache often fixes some missing tweet problems.

My Tweets And Hashtags Don’t Show Up In Search!

There are several reasons this could be happening. Very old or protected tweets won’t show up, of course. And Tweets from new accounts (or newly changed usernames) can take a few days to show up.
But if those issues are not your problem, do this: log out and log back in at If you see a big red warning saying your email address is having delivery issues, you need to fix it before Twitter will show your tweets in search (links are provided for what to do).

While it’s true that Twitter technical problems can block tweets from showing up in search, you should first check to make sure YOU haven’t broken any of Twitter’s rules or best practices.

Have you broken any Twitter rules?

Twitter will NOT show the tweets of anyone who fails to follow these Twitter rules or these Twitter best practices.

The good news

You can request that Twitter show your tweets in search, but you’ll have to agree to follow the rules and best practices before they will reverse the decision not to show your tweets. File a ticket at and explain that your tweets are missing and you’d like to know what you need to do to have them come back.

Missing Mentions and @Replies

The symptom here is that you’re missing older tweets or seeing an incomplete number of tweets when viewing your @username mentions in the the replies tab on If you cannot page back to see older @username mentions this is your issue. Go here and let Twitter know this affects you.

If you’re just not receiving all my @ replies, know that Twitter is working on a long-term fix for the missing @ replies problem. You need to let them know you’re affected by filing a ticket at

My Tweet Count is Incorrect

This issue is still affecting many people. You can read the latest from Twitter here.

14 thoughts on “Help! My Tweets Are Missing!

  1. Good day Ma’am/Sir. :) I’ll ask if it is possible to comeback my deleted tweets? I used this website I wanted to deleted my old tweets and retweets so I choose to delete my one year older tweets but it seems they deleted the latest. Thank for your kindly consideration. Thank you po. :)

  2. I had a very odd occurrence where a tweet disappeared. It was seen by others but when I checked my public stream & my tweetdeck client on my PC it did not appear. (Easy to gauge when it was the last tweet of the day & no further tweets were made for two days.) When I checked my mobile client (from where it was sent), it showed as posted–but nowhere else. The tweet has become the focus of a bit of a discussion. I since deleted it from my mobile client when it became a bit of a discussion item–but prior to that deletion, I could not see it in a browser or in my PC client. I tried googling it, hashtags included, etc. and found nothing. There is some idea that something might have been done with it by a third party.
    I know that Twitter can remove objectionable content. However, in reflection, the missing tweet did not violate ANY twitter policies or guidelines. I am now VERY curious as to how that single tweet would have gone missing. It was not a DM, though it was an @user message that used a couple of hashtags. Do you have any insight to share on how this might have happened? I have used a Twitter form to report the instance–but as of yet no response.

  3. I tweet someone, then go back to that page to see what else has been added since and my tweet doesn’t show up although previous and later ones are still there. On my page it still shows the tweet but not on the receiver’s page. This happens a lot.

  4. Hi, I teach at a High School that has a number of #’s for the teachers to use to communicate within our school community. I opened my account last week but none of my hashtags or tweets show up at any of the destinations.I see them on my page but no one else does Help please !!

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  6. Well i have a fan account kind of so like tweeting daily is important. Recently yesterday i was tweeting and then came to realize that they weren’t uploading onto my page, but it was saying ‘your tweet was posted’. It makes no sense and its like really annoying because its only showing tweets from like two days ago.Also, if they do show up on my profile it will only be for like 1 second and then it will go back to my old tweets. Its doing the same on mobile and laptop. Additionally, if i upload a picture it will go to my pictures and if you click on it you can see the tweet, but it wont show up on my profile. I thought maybe it was just a one day glitch but its happening today too, so its the second day..what do i doo???? im helpless

    has this happened to anyone? please someone help its honestly so irritating and i even tried calling twitter but it just directs you to there website and no one else has asked this question:(


    1. It’s happening to my fan acc twitter too. I’m not sure what to do. If you find out how to fix it,vplease tweet me @biebersthrill

    2. its happening to me too as of four days ago… i don’t know what to do. i’ve now contacted twitter six times, but they haven’t fixed anything. this is so problematic. i hope they fix this glitch soon. best of luck to the both of you .xx

    3. This has also been happening to me for the past 5 days, it’s been impossible for me to find a fix. My account is saying that my last tweet was Feb. 11th, but I tweet every day… a lot. Has no one found a fix to this problem yet.

    4. this is happening to me too,i recently reached 1000 followers,and i tweet everyday and when i look at my profile shows tweets from like 3 days ago!!!! its so frustrating because i don’t know how to fix it :(

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