How to find your Outlook contacts on Twitter

When you’re logged into Twitter’s web interface, you can find your friends on Twitter by their email address from…but only if you have saved their email information in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or LinkedIn. Twitter doesn’t offer an option to upload and search your Outlook contacts. However, you can easily upload your Outlook contacts to a place Twitter can check them to find your friends.

Four steps and you’re done

Here’s what you do. Don’t worry—it’s actually pretty simple, just four steps:

  1. Click here to get a free gmail account to put your contacts into for Twitter to scan. This is really fast and easy, so don’t be put off by it. Just use any nonsense name, but remember the username and password you create! (You can also use an existing gmail account, if you want to merge your Outlook contacts into it.)
  2. Click here to download and install Google’s free new tool to export/upload your contacts into Gmail. Also much easier than you might expect. It also offers to upload your calendar and email, but deselect those options—they will fail anyway unless you are using and are familiar with an existing Google Apps account (which are different than Gmail accounts).
  3. Run the tool to put your contacts into your new Gmail account. Now make sure you’re logged into and click here to go to Twitter’s find friends from contacts page.
  4. Put in your new Gmail email address ([email protected]) and password into the boxes and click “Find Friends.” You’re done!

A big reason we started this blog was to be able to provide more detailed answers to the Twitter questions we get. @Amy Willis was the most recent person to ask us this question:

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