Find and compare Twitter lists, and other great Twitter list tools

Find significant Twitter users by comparing popular lists

TweepDiff is a great tool for to compare who follows either users or Twitter Lists. But my favorite use of it is to compare who different lists follow in common. You can find lists of top lists at Listorious. For example, here is a list of top lists about users who tweet about Twitter:

If compare good lists, you end up finding significant users. To compare more than two lists in TweepDiff, click the “+” button (by red arrow in diagram below.) Enter your list names in the format show below:

So here, we’re comparing two of the most followed lists of tech tweeters with two of the most followed lists of overall preeminent tweeters. If there are more than ten results, TweepDiff splits the results into pages, and gives you the option (upper right on results page, shown below) to see more than ten results per page. The results page in the upper left shows the total number of twitter users found on all lists, in this case—”Common (2)”—two:

So @GuyKawasaki and @TweetSmarter are the only two users that appear on all four of these Twitter Lists. With—amazingly—exactly 444,444 followers between them at 10:44 (Eastern time) on  July 4, 2010.

Other great Twitter list tools:

These are tool that work with Twitter’s Twitter List feature. Third-party tools for making lists of Twitter users, such as TweepML, are not covered here.

However, one of the most interesting tools is Google itself:

Comprehensive index of all Twitter lists…on Google

Click any of these links to see some examples:

How to create Google searches for Twitter Lists: simply change the last word (after the “/”) in this search:*/keyword to search for Twitter Lists containing your keyword. You can also search for multiple words by putting a hyphen between them, such as*/business-news. Be sure to avoid any spaces in your search.

What are we missing?

Leave a comment with your favorite Twitter list tool and I’ll add it to this list. Thanks!

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