How Our Followers Created Santa Tweety And Other Seasonal Changes

How Tweety Bird Evolved for Christmas:

Hat & Boots Belt Beard Bag of Toys Tree

Thanks to all our Christmas contributors! Accepted suggestions:

  1. Little Christmas tree (@ellyvanamstel)
  2. A Santa Bag/Bag of Goodies (@Lisa10750@dagutzyone@passaggio@TheHomeworkDog@MustangSally250@tea_n_me@Brainiacro@whilyn)
  3. Beard (White/Tiny/Beak/Big Bushy) (Suggested by @HDRKC@InspiringAlways@paragon24@reddirtisland@baisebeige@Liz_Nicole1920@CruzynNitro,@CosmicOmelette@lala_purple@Justin_or_Caleb@honeyberk@Warmnfuzzy@Jeterfan0208@jisackson@nsbrwtt@whilyn@jvdgraaf@ynq25335)
  4. Presents (@sassydork@radiojohnnyd)
  5. Belt (@nelaknight)
  6. Boots (@SarahJL)

Additional Suggestions:

  1. Mittens/gloves (@RaiEntertain@thefallowband@MaurryT@stvrod@PlatoDesign)
  2. (Jingle) Bells (@nelaknight@Colebiffle@JadeOnlineMedia@nelaknight)
  3. Snow (@MikaWeirFan@STPBud@Starzfan9@surekhapillai)
  4. Holly (@onin3@rmsro@kaydeeweb)
  5. Rudolph Nose (@RaiEntertain@AMusuneggi@erikedbladh)
  6. Bag of Tweets (@dagutzyone@MustangSally250@PatsyTond)
  7. Ribbon for fans (@SangitaSri)
  8. Ornament Earrings (@susiemuckleroy)
  9. Eight tiny reindeer (@joannawolfe)
  10. Wreath with Golden Bell (@Sealyme)
  11. Red bulb overhead (@fugitive247)
  12. Pants (@franticee)
  13. Tinsel from the wingtips (@TheHomeworkDog)
  14. A bell in his wing/hand (@jvdgraaf)
  15. Twitter bird ornament (@HowellMarketing)

Funny suggestions

  1. Goggles (@Atuljains@PaulVonGryff)
  2. Tatoo (@samarkorban)
  3. Stuffing (@wubeyonekenobi)
  4. Pirate Eye Patch, parrot on shoulder (@Oppora)
  5. A laptop (and goggles) (@Atuljains)
  6. Butterfly mask, whip, and candle (@ph237
  7. Crack pipe (@PheMekh)
  8. A little present on the “floor” (@branchester)

Suggestions on what Tweety Bird should be doing or wearing for Winter

The ideas submitted were:

  1. Snow hat/beanie/”Fargo” hat with ear flaps (@Breebug, @appleblogz, @dagutzyone)
  2. Ear muffs/warmers (@CBSmanagement@USAF_Recruiter)
  3. Boots/Giant snow boots (@CBSmanagement)
  4. Mittens/Mitts (@Breebug, @pandabox33)
  5. Pushing a snow blower (@Oppora)
  6. Turned into a snowman or eskimo (@MissCaroleen)
  7. In an ice fishing hut, having a snowball fight (@LaughItUp)
  8. Twetter/Sweater (@SoftballLessons)
  9. Breadcrumbs (@pantsinspace)
  10. Snowboarding or Skiing Gear (@suzanneec)
  11. Bikini—for the other half of the world (@prettynetwork)

Accepted Suggestions:

  1. Muffler/scarf (@CBSmanagement@pandabox33@Breebug@dagutzyone@USAF_Recruiter)

Thanks for all your ideas for New Year’s!

How Tweety Bird Evolved for New Year’s:

Hat/Noisemaker Tux/Tie/2011 Champagne Fireworks Banner

Accepted suggestions:

  1. Top hat (AidaofNubia@WarLordwrites@toofarnorth2@Tonigraziosi)
  2. Tuxedo/Tuxtweeto/Silver coat/vest (@lebce@softballLessonsAidaofNubia@DishTVBlog, @Tonigraziosi)
  3. Noisemaker/fringed whistle in beak (@colibrimoon@carolhagen@ukchelle, @Nelaknight)
  4. A dicky bow/bow tie  (@ukchelle@Tonigraziosi)
  5. Sparkly “2011” on front of hat (@onin3)
  6. Bottle of champagne (@ukchelle@carolhagenAidaofNubia@Nelaknight@seanjweb@nyskyes)
  7. Fireworks (@onin3@colibrimoon@crixstinarocks@Nelaknight)
  8. Wearing a new year Sash/banner (@SarahJL@dan_l@dagutzyone@seanjweb)

Other great suggestions:

  1. Funky 2011 glasses (@ukchelle, Suzanne, @TerCook)
  2. New Year’s bead necklace (@robin_swan@Robin_Swan@DishTVBlog)
  3. Bling (@kaliopysworld@zettieleeuw,@XP)
  4. Make Tweety the New Year’s baby with a diaper (@SarahJL@dan_l)…Be a young baby bird like the New Year’s Baby (Ada)
  5. Mistletoe (@nelaknight@aha_tigger)
  6. Confetti (@dagutzyone)
  7. Tiara (@carolhagen)
  8. Sparklers (@ynq25335)
  9. Party poppers (@paulnez)
  10. Drink/toast glass (@dagutzyone)
  11. Perch on or in the ball that descends in Times Square (@americanincan, @sfutado)
  12. Happy new year banner (@ellyvanamstel)
  13. Countdown or music In the background (@thehomeworkdog)
  14. New Year Banner (@TerCook)
  15. Party Hat (@dagutzyone@paulnez)

Unusual/funny suggestions:

  1. Feathers (@sci_tek)
  2. Like snookie! (Chris Bomely)
  3. Lampshade on his little blue head (@cougarmuffin)
  4. Pimp/Glitter/Gold/Sunshine (@zettieleeuw)
  5. In the American flag, but with a hole cut out in the center and being worn as an LED-enhanced poncho (@AlynAlyxWest)
  6. Like an eagle soaring thru the sky that show’s up on rader wit the flag covering it’s eyes (@FromMeTwoYou)
  7. Like Julian Assange with his beak shut (@Sorinkas)
  8. Like a disco ball (@LorenaDigital)
  9. With a meat dress or belt…or anything Gaga, with some bling (@XP)

Source of Twitter bird image

The Twitter bird was modified from a 2008 online tutorial on how to create a vector image Twitter bird.

Welcome Spring & Summer!

Here’s how our avatar has evolved for spring and summer with your suggestions:

  1. Sun Hat or visor, Sandals @nelaknight
  2. Place Tweety Bird in the middle of a flower garden – lots of color! @AidaofNubia
  3. Add a flower to your hat for Spring, a beachball for Summer @Bravolebrity1
  4. White armless  peasant shirt @stsitjia
  5. Gardening tools/basket or basket of colorful flowers @Bravolebrity1
  6. Spring dress with a shoe-string strap
  7. Can of bug spray or weed spray @AidaofNubia
  8. Red nose and tissue (allegies?) @AidaofNubia
  9. Tweety Bird (sports cap) and Tweety Girl (spring hat) taking a walk. @AidaofNubia


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