10 Twitter Behaviors that’d make you look crazy in Real Life…and Vice-Versa

Here is some classic Twitter humor by @LenKendall

10 Irrational Behaviors on Twitter that’d make you look crazy in Real Life

  1. Write letters to inanimate objects or brands: “Dear 34 Bus, if you don’t show up in ten minutes, I’m going to consider hitch hiking as a permanent solution to transportation.”
  2. Repeating a statement word for word that was just said minutes before.
  3. Following someone even though they don’t want to talk to you.
  4. Walking into a crowd on Friday morning and shouting out the names of eight best friends.
  5. Quietly handing someone a note that is asking them to join your Spymaster league.
  6. Proving someone wrong in a debate by referring to statement they made exactly twenty-four days ago at 3:30pm CST.
  7. Carrying a rubber stamp in your pocket and slamming the word “FAIL” on everything you don’t like.
  8. Jumping out of an alley and responding to a question that someone asked someone else.
  9. Taking real words and melding them together cleverly while NOT being a rapper.
  10. Having 100,000 people walking behind you and you’re NOT the Verizon guy.


10 Things you do in life, that would make you look crazy on Twitter

  1. Telling someone a good anecdote and NOT mention who told it to you.
  2. Finishing essentially any kind of poem other than a Haiku.
  3. Only talking to a few dozen people a day.
  4. Telling people to “Google It’ when recommending a funny website.
  5. Having a conversation with just one person at a time.
  6. Taking and sharing photos of things other than gadgets, food you’re eating right now, or people that are currently pissing you off on the bus.
  7. Telling people about news more than 24 hours after is happened.
  8. Driving and Talking at the same time (I hope)
  9. Participating in a spelling bee.
  10. Semi-coherently mouthing the words to the latest Katy Perry song that’s playing on the radio.


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