Would You Help a Twitterer In Need?

Please help! The folks relying on us to help answer their Twitter questions need YOU.

We are going to be delayed in answering tweets for a few days, so here are some links you can check to find people that you can help: Search #1Search #2Search #3 (Twitter search sometimes doesn’t let you see more complex searches, so use whichever one works for you. Read on for what to do).

Could you do us a favor?

You can look through those searches listed above to find people asking for help. Would you then help anyone that you can? We normally answer many questions each day, but won’t be able to for a few days.

If you haven’t already, read this for places to check to get help with Twitter issues. Feel free to do this all the time, if you like! It’s more important to us that people get helped rather than who gets credit. Remember, anyone can request help directly from Twitter via http://bit.ly/twicket …always feel free to share this link a lot!

What to do when you find folks who need help

A great way to participate on Twitter is to help folks, so these tips are good anytime you’re looking for someone to help on Twitter :)

To see if someone has already been helped, click the “Show Conversation” link if there is one. It will show you the Twitter conversation (and change to “Hide Conversation”). Here’s what that looks like:

If you can’t figure out what they’re asking about, take a look at the tweet that they are replying to. To do this, first click the “View Tweet” link under their tweet to be taken to the webpage for that individual tweet. Then look underneath the tweet for the words “in reply to …” If you hover over those words they will change to a link you can click. Example:

Then you can read the tweet that they were asking about. Sometimes they didn’t reply to a tweet, so there is no link. And sometimes that makes it hard to figure out what they need help with!

Thanks, everyone!

And…apologies in advance: I’m going to retweet this blog post a few times because we could really use your help to see that people who need it get helped. We will still be tweeting (but a little less often) and checking some messages. Here are some example conversations we’ve had today:

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