My most shared Twitter help links

Note: I regularly update this list.

I have a list of custom short URLs that I’m always updating in response to questions people have. I’ve posted them below.

I don’t create links for everything I regularly share, since some questions can lead to one of several responses. But many common questions lead me to send the same links time and time again.

Some of these I don’t use much anymore, some are mainly for my own reference. But these represent in the shortest form possible some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated about how to help people on Twitter. If you tweet me for help, chances are good I’ll include one of these links.

If you find any that are useful to share with others, feel free to copy them. One day, I might get around to organizing them by category. (If you’d like to do that for me, let me know and I’ll update this list and credit you.) You might just find it something interesting to browse for a bit.

A couple are humorous, a few are personal, many are impossible to predict what they are about (unless you’re me). Some I don’t agree with, but I find I still end up sending people the link when they ask for it. Many lead to support pages. Many of the most popular ones lead back to this blog, since here is where I put together the answers to the most common questions I get.

Here are most of them, in (very) rough order of popularity:

There are actually a bunch more, but I’m too lazy to gather them all together and check for broken links right now. Maybe later ;)

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