Proof: You don’t have to follow lots of people to get followers.

We’ve been getting so much spam recently, I asked a friend who owes me a favor to unfollow spammy accounts for us, provided they don’t follow us (I’ll review people following us myself—and report as spam any that warrant it).

Getting followers just by following others: Not a great idea

Occasionally someone sees how many followers we have and thinks we must “grow our followers” by following tons of people all the time. I think this chart from (actually two charts overlaid on top of one another) refutes that pretty clearly:

Even though we’re (temporarily!) unfollowing a bunch of old accounts that have become too “spammish,” new people continue to follow us uninterruptedly. And no, we also don’t pay to advertise our account anywhere, or use any of the “get more followers” type websites or groups. This chart is accurate: We aren’t doing anything specifically aimed at getting new followers right now. The rate at which new people are following us is also basically unchanged, as you can see by this monthly growth chart:

Do you have to follow lots of people to get followers?

No, you don’t. And to those of you who want to know all about why and when and who we follow or unfollow…I’m not going to share that at this time. Why? Because we don’t want people to try to figure out how to get us to follow them. We don’t want to play that game. (Besides, we follow and unfollow people for a variety of ever-changing reasons.)

A little over a year ago, someone put us on a list of accounts that always follow back. I contacted the person who made the list and asked them to remove us from the list. He was incredulous, even after I told him that we were NOT following everyone back. He argued that everyone on the list would get more followers just from being on the list. But who wants those kinds of followers?

So, how do you get more followers?

While I think this is the wrong question to ask, I understand why people ask it, so here are some tips:

  1. The ULTIMATE guide to getting Twitter followers
  2. Which do you want? Twitter Followers? Or Twitter Influence?
  3. Use Twitter to get influential people to help you
  4. Win Friends And Influence People On Twitter In Just 5 Seconds A Day
  5. How to get more followers on Twitter without using Twitter

And both and are worth a look.

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