Quit worrying about people that don’t want to follow you

Twitter is endlessly fascinating. There are almost no rules.

You can irritate 99% of the people that read your tweets, and amazingly, still build a large community of followers from the other 1%.

What the rest of us can learn from the “less sane” ones

You’ve run across these folks. You can’t understand why they have 10 followers, let alone 50,000. But there they are on Twitter, ranting all day with their tens of thousands of followers. What you need to know is this:

You’re just like them in more ways than you realize.

You may feel very sane, a pillar of your community, beloved by cats, dogs and meter maids wherever you go. But, just like the crazy people, there are plenty of people that don’t want to follow you. That’s right—no matter who you are or how you tweet, millions of people won’t be interested.

I say, embrace it.

Quit worrying about who follows you…or who unfollows you.

Realize that no matter what you do or say, some people will never want to follow you. So relax. Let your hair out a little. (A little. Avoid sending drunk tweets at 3 AM.) Occasionally say something more personal than you’ve ever done before. I’n not saying be angry, wacky or stupid. Just personal. People want to know you. So, sometimes, let us know a little more about you.

You’re unique: share it!

I realize that neither Twitter nor the world is divided up into “crazy” and sane people. Probably 99% of us are somewhere in between…and who is to say who is sane, anyway? ;)

So think a little about what makes you different, rather than what makes you just like everyone else.

What are your hobbies? Favorite movies? Music? Let us know a little bit about all the things that, put together, make you different than everyone else.

If you’re one of the less sane or “more unique” people

You don’t care what I have to say, I know.

So if you feel really strongly about something (politics, religion, doughnut-smoking, what-have-you), feel free to let it out on Twitter and see what happens.

But be prepared to discover that nobody cares, and that you’re only talking to yourself.

Or that your tweets will be seen by people that cause you trouble you’d rather not have, like people you work with (your boss, perhaps?) and friends and family. It’s all public here on Twitter. Might I make one suggestion though?

While you’re experimenting with letting it all hang out…consider NOT using your real name ;)

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