Who has Fake Followers on Twitter?

In the Fake Follower Count Of 11 Top Tweeters report from Huffington Post, folks learned that popular accounts can have a lot of fake followers.

In my test using the Status tool, I found that it reports @Twitter itself to have a lot of fakes:

  • Fake: 42%
  • Inactive: 35%
  • Good: 23%

So that made feel a little better when I checked its report on @TweetSmarter:

  • Fake: 11%
  • Inactive: 32%
  • Good: 57%

Almost 4 times less fakes than @Twitter. Of course, I had to check our old account name, @Twitter_Tips:

  • Fake: 1%
  • Inactive: 20%
  • Good: 79%

Note that these are people that followed @Twitter_Tips after it had closed. (For the whole story on the name change, click here.)

So, What Do Fake Followers Mean?

All in all, unless the tool reports a LOT of fake followers, I’m not sure it’s very helpful in understanding popular accounts. Of course, for new or smaller accounts, having a lot of fake followers would be a serious red flag.

While I’ve never bought or advertised for followers, years ago I used to follow groups of influential accounts wherever interesting news was happening, and may have picked up a few fakes that way.

But mostly I expect that we’re simply popular enough to be “credible” and spammers/fake accounts like to follow a few credible accounts to make themselves seem more “real.” (For example, our Klout score today is 80, and it was 87 when Klout added us to their “Klout Stars” program.)

One thought on “Who has Fake Followers on Twitter?

  1. Better prices, but still a little high for something that a computer
    program could do. It has a huge following potential, with some Earth photo accounts and quote accounts having upwards of 1 million followers.
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