Twitter, quit telling us to check status when you don’t use it properly

When your home timeline freezes, Twitter shows you this message:

The problem? Twitter isn’t posting status updates at Twitter Status regularly. In fact, sometimes they don’t post anything there at all! Even when Twitter support over and over again reports a problem, nothing appears on the Twitter Status page.

Even when third-party sites not related to Twitter show Twitter users reporting problems this bad, nothing appears on the Twitter Status page:

C’mon Twitter! It’s just a status blog, and it’s the place you tell us to check. I’m sure you realize that you get thousands of help tickets from people wondering what’s wrong if you don’t provide some kind of public status update. And your ticket system is already overloaded. What the $#%! is going on over there?

UPDATE: Over 24 hours after the most recent problem started, and after multiple tweets from @Support, Twitter finally updated the status blog to show an issue.

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