Twitter Downtime Report

Pingdom showed a total downtime of 1 hour, 14 minutes for Twitter’s last prolonged incident. Twitter’s last uptime report: “Twitter is fully recovered.

If someone has sent you a link to this page, Twitter may be down overall  now or very recently.

How can you tell if Twitter is down?

Sometimes it’s just a local problem, and doesn’t affect everyone. Sometimes Twitter is just much sloooower than usual, and will work for most people if you keep trying. So how can you tell if Twitter is down overall, or just for you?


Most reliable is checking Pingdom to see if Twitter is down for more than just you—look for the tiny red icon under “Status” (shown in Pingdom screenshot above right). If Twitter has been down for more than a few minutes, this page may take a long time to load, because thousands of people are checking it at the same time.

Down for everyone?

If the Pingdom Twitter page fails to load at all, Twitter may have already been down for several minutes. To be sure, check the the Down for everyone or just me? website and check Twitter. They will display a message that looks like this:

Twitter is down

Search for “Twitter down” messages

You can also check for Twitter updates on a Google “Twitter down” search or a  Twitter “Twitter Down” Search (which may also be down). If you see a LOT of recent messages Twitter is probably down.

What about Twitter’s status page?

Checking Twitter’s own status page is not always reliable—although for prolonged downtime, they always post a message eventually. They’re getting better at posting updates quickly.

Also only semi-reliable is: … and this blog you are reading  is only human-updated, so don’t count on it to be always current either. Check the services above first.
Also realize that unusual situations like missing or duplicated tweets many happen during this time.

Any tips or tricks?

Twitter downtime (or maintenance) is likely to be unpredictable, but there are some tricks that have had limited success in the in the past.

Try alternate Twitter sites

If or 3rd party programs are down, sometimes one of the mobile sites is still working, or is less busy. So try either of these links if you’re having trouble accessing Twitter:

Be careful when scheduling future tweets

If you are using an application that allows you to schedule tweets, remember that they may fail both now and at the time you schedule them for, if Twitter is still doing maintenance. Your best bet is to schedule them for long after Twitter expects maintenance to be completed (in case it runs longer than predicted), or wait and tweet manually when Twitter seems to be working better.

When Twitter is up…but has problems

Twitter has a form exclusively for reporting problems to Twitter. It’s at:

Last Downtime Report (in Universal Time):

At a little before 10:00 PM Thursday, August 05, 2010, Twitter posted the following status update:

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