Mobile Apps Need To Be Deleted And Reinstalled Sometimes

Most of my longest conversations are with people who are reluctant to fix their mobile app by trying a delete and reinstall. I’ve found almost half my conversation time has become devoted to this. I can’t afford the time anymore, sadly :(

So I’ve written this.

Sometimes people ask so many questions instead of just deleting and reinstalling, they forget I have recommended it. The current record is I  had to remind someone five times to give it a try. Many people I have to tell twice.

How to delete and reinstall? You’ll need to know where to download your app from, and how to delete an app on your device. You’ll need to change any settings again.

If I suggest it, feel free to do it or not. I can’t promise it will fix your problem. I can’t promise it won’t cause new problems. However, usually it fixes the problem without causing new problems. In fact, almost always when I suggest it, it fixes the problem without causing new problems.

Sometimes Twitter is having problems and if you wait, the problem you have may go away. Unfortunately, equally frequently Twitter problems may have causes errors in your app, and even after they fix the Twitter error, you may continue to have app errors that deleting and reinstalling will fix. Twitter and all other apps makers have from time to time recommended deleting and reinstalling to fix problems. It’s not just some idea I came up with :)

Realize that no matter what mobile platform you use apps on, sometimes deleting and reinstalling an app can fix it. This is not exclusive to Twitter apps.

But when people say they have problems with this or that Twitter mobile app, and I recommend deleting and reinstalling the latest version, some people are reluctant to do so.

While it is unlikely you will have problems if you delete and reinstall, it is possible. Anything is possible. Some people are reluctant to upgrade.

Another problem can be that sometime the fixes in the latest version (if you are upgrading from an older version) also include loss or change of some features.

I get that it isn’t a guaranteed perfect and risk-free solution. There aren’t a lot of those. And if you want to wait and see if it gets better, I understand.

But if you don’t want to talk to Twitter support, and you don’t want to talk to the app maker (when it isn’t Twitter), and you don’t want to talk to your device makers’ support, and you don’t want to try a delete and reinstall, could we possibly have a shorter conversation about it? Thanks.


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