Is Twitter’s Screw-Up Blocking You From Logging In?

Twitter recently claimed that technical problems caused them to reset the passwords of users who didn’t need resetting (hadn’t been hijacked).

But now many users are reporting that they can’t login to Twitter!

Here’s one way to make it work, with a few wrinkles until Twitter fixes things better. I’ll assume you’re logged out/can’t login.

The main problem is this. If you log out, your password won’t work, and you’ll have to reset it again! I suggest clicking the box to STAY LOGGED IN when you reset your password. And, unfortunately, you’ll have to do this on each computer you want to be logged into Twitter.

Essentially what you’ll need to do is use the password reset process to login to your Twitter account on each computer you want to be logged in on.

Here’s what you do:

First, make sure you’re on a computer that you can receive email on, and go to

Enter your username or email there and wait for the email response from Twitter. Click the link in the email, let it take you to the web page to enter your password.

At this point it’s okay to enter your old password if you’re sure you weren’t hijacked.

Now you should be logged into Twitter ON THAT COMPUTER.

If you want to log in on a different computer, go ahead and TRY the password you just used, but if it doesn’t work—and many users are reporting that it doesn’t—you’ll have to reset your password ON THAT COMPUTER as well.

Of course, just use the same password again.



2 thoughts on “Is Twitter’s Screw-Up Blocking You From Logging In?

  1. Twitter just banned my account because I didn’t have a good word to say about Google and gave me a warning so I did what every good citizen should do and warned other members not to use the ‘G’ word in vain and then only did re-tweets on people that were saying what I wanted to say.

    Well the next thing you know is my account got a total ban.

    Free speech and Twitter are a thing of the past and they now seem to be taking contributions, bribes or whatever you want to call it to silence tweets for fee paying corporations.

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