How Twitter’s Worldwide Outage Changed Klout Scores Worldwide Twice

On July 27, 2012 many folks had Klout scores that dropped dramatically.

The day before and the day after were not affected. This was the day of Twitter’s dramatic worldwide outage. On that day, Klout lost around 20% of the data it needed to calculate Klout scores accurately.

How Does Twitter Affect Klout Scores?

Klout measures a person’s “influence” each day, and then publishes an overall score that is the average of the last 90 days. The overall average is the number they publish. It’s your “Klout score.”

That means that a score from 90 days ago won’t count towards your score tomorrow. So if you had a really high score 90 days ago, it will go away tomorrow, lowering your overall score tomorrow (unless tomorrow is equally high.)

Klout’s “dashboard” shows how much each signal affects your Klout score. In the case of our @TweetSmarter account, Twitter accounts for just over 90% of our score.

How Much Will Klout Scores Increase?

On Thursday, October 25, the day of the Twitter outage was 91 days old, and no longer counted towards anyone’s Klout scores. When that day was no longer counted, scores went up around .2% for users whose Klout score was influenced heavily by Twitter.

Since Klout averages to only report whole numbers, scores that were just below a .5 (such as 33.4, 41.3, etc.) saw their score increase a whole number, as they pass over the .5 mark and are averaged up to the next whole number.

A very rough guess is that about 1 in 700 Klout scores went up…affecting hundreds of thousands of users.

HT to @Karen_C_Wilson for some proofreading

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