6 Mistakes That Get You Ignored On Twitter And Social Media

Frustrated yet? It’s all too common that you contact or engage with someone who ignores you, or feel like everyone is getting their posts shared except you.

This isn’t limited to Twitter; it happens on all social networks. But there are several tricks for getting people to retweet or share your content, and respond to you when you contact them.

My number one piece of advice for getting  people to engage with you is to…pick the right people!

But beyond that, there is a lot you can do to increase your odds of getting retweets and repsonses:

6 Mistakes That Get You Ignored

There are two situations: Being ignored in general, and being ignored when you try to contact someone. First let’s troubleshoot trying to be in touch with someone directly:

1. Not Learning About The People You’re Trying to Engage With First

You need to look at how the people you’re trying to get in touch with engage. Read their tweets: who do they engage with, and more importantly, why?

If you aren’t the kind of person they engage with or aren’t contacting them in ways they’re likely to reply, you’re wasting your time.

2. Not Realizing What’s Different About Popular Users

If you’re trying to be in touch with a popular user, you have to realize they get a lot of jerks and manipulators who behave nice…at first. So sometimes they’re suspicious when people contact them, no matter how nice they seem. Scroll down to  What you can do to get a good response to your request (near the bottom of that link) for some tips on what to do.

3. Trying To Contact Too Many People

It’s best to make strong connections by putting a lot of attention on one person at a time. Just sending scattershot messages to different people makes you look like a spammer.

Once you’ve made a connection with someone, keep developing the relationship on maintenance mode while you concentrate on making a new connection with someone else. Once you’ve made a strong connection, you’re more likely to get a response in the future.

If someone reads your Twitter stream and sees a lot of Tweets that are like “Hey @someone1!” “Hey @someone2!” “Hey @someone3!” “Hey @someone4!” They’re going to think you’re a spammer. Concentrate on finding the right people one at a time.

Now let’s troubleshoot problems with being ignored in general:

4. Failing To Catch People At The Right Time

One issue to be aware of is that if your tweet doesn’t reach someone when they are online, they might overlook when trying to catch up later. If you’re contacting them directly and expecting a reply, just try again later at a time you think they might be online if you don’t get a response to your first tweet.

If you’re trying to get more interaction on your content tweets (clicks ) try using Buffer to automatically have your tweets go out when more people are likely to see them@AskAaronLee and @DanaMStanley gained 11 and 15 points on their Klout score when they started using BufferApp in barely three weeks in part because more people saw their tweets.

You’ll also want to be familiar with “The most complete guide to finding the best time to Tweet.”

5. Not Fitting In Well With The People You’re Trying To Contact

The great thing about Twitter is that you can use it however you want to, and other people who like how you use can connect to you, and those who don’t can ignore you.

But be forewarned that if you are rarely on Twitter, or tweet many times each hour, that you are less likely to get others to engage with you. And that if you tweet angrily, or about controversial topics, you’re likely not going to get engagement from people who aren’t also angry or interested in the same side of the controversies as you.

But, that’s okay! Do what you like. Just don’t expect everyone else to like it too :-)

6. Lousy Tweets!

I would say my top tips here are:

  1. Learn how to write great tweets
  2. Avoid sending automated DM’s

You’ll also need decide whether or how you ever want to repeat your tweets.

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