On Social Media, curate people, not just information

Let’s take Twitter as an example. Your Twitter account is like a library.

Every link you’ve ever tweeted is like a book in that library. So who are you? You’re the librarian, of course :)

You are the “curator” of all the information you’ve gathered together by tweeting about it. Some people take the job of curating information via their Twitter account very seriously. These people are great to follow if the information they curate is something you are also interested in.

Two keys to making Twitter work for you

So to be a great Twitter curator, you need to find great stuff and tweet about it.  This will help you build a community, as people begin following you because of the great content you share. But to get a lot out of Twitter for yourself, you need to find other great curators.

In other words, you need to become a curator of people, not just information.

In fact, it’s better to find great people first, because not only will they make Twitter useful for you, they will help you find the great information that you can then share with others.

Finding great people is the real secret to Twitter

Not only will great people lead you to great content, but they are good mentors to teach you how to learn Twitter and the purposes of social media better. Twitter use is always evolving, and you need to follow great people to learn the latest tips and tricks.

What you will learn from great Twitter mentors is this: help other people on Twitter first. If you help people, they will help you get everything you need to succeed: reputation, followers and content. They will help you become incredibly popular. So start by finding great people and helping them. As you do, you’ll learn a lot. Following great people will make Twitter less work, and bring more benefits to you.

Also, realize that this is not specifically a following strategy. There are many reasons why you might want to follow lots of people beyond just the best people you find. That’s okay. You should follow the best people you find, but you might also want to put the best of them on a Twitter list so you can focus on just them.

There are two kinds of social media mentors

There are those who can help you figure out what social media is good for, and those who can help you figure out how to learn the ins and outs of a particular platform, such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many top names in social media are not good mentors for how to use a particular platform. And many experts on the ins and outs of a particular platform are not big names.

Why? Because what it takes to become a celebrity is not the same as what it takes to become an expert.

Beware: Big names sometimes do dumb things

Realize that just because someone has written a book on social media doesn’t make them a good mentor for how to use a particular social media platform. Surprisingly, some top folks on social media are too busy to be good examples. Their popularity means they get a lot out of whatever site they join, because of their celebrity. So they don’t have to be a good example, or seek out advice on which tools will help them.

Chris Brogan is just the latest social media “guru” in a long line to ignore the advice of Twitter platform experts that auto-follow-back would make Twitter unusable for him unless he combined it with a variety of tools. He didn’t listen, and ended up unfollowing everyone because he didn’t know how to deal with the consequences of his actions. Another way of saying that is that he didn’t know how to use Twitter well. But he’s a great mentor for understanding Social Media in general for businesses. He’s just not a good platform mentor.

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