New Record: Twitter Reaches Peak Rate of Nearly 200,000 Tweets Per Minute

On June 24 during the Japan vs Denmark World Cup group match, Twitter reports tweets were posted at a peak rate of 3,283 tweets per second (TPS). As The Next Web points out, that translates to a rate of 196,980/minute.

Think about that: if sustained, that would be a rate of nearly a million tweets every five minutes.

Thanks to sporting events (mainly the Word Cup), Twitter has set five all-time records for TPS on different dates in June. Here are the records…so far:

Left column is date in June a TPS record was set: the 11th, 14th, 17th and 24th

An even more important record

But: who cares? Until recently, this would have represented nothing more than a drain on Twitter’s resources. The heavy traffic caused a lot of Fail Whales for users around the world. Twitter even went completely offline.

So the equally amazing and likely more important record was set during the US vs England World Cup match on June 12. A Promoted Tweet posted by Coke is claimed to have been responded to by over 5 million people engaging on 85 million impressions.

This was either the greatest advertising coup of all time…or Twitter is about to turn the world of online advertising upside down.

Considering that World Cup viewership is increasing towards the finals, I predict a few more records for Twitter before all is said and done.

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