Exclusive Infographic: 64 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Click the infographic below for an enlarged version you can print out and use as a checklist. Cross off items once you’ve done them.

Below the infographic we cover all eight sections in more detail to help you make the most of these great tips from Maria Peagler (@SM_OnlineClass), founder of SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com.

Tips 1-7: Your Profile

Simple, right? Then why do so many businesses skip one or more of these steps? Instead of saying “I know this stuff,” use this as a checklist, and look for any tips you might have missed. In particular, if you make any changes to your website(s), be sure they are reflected in your Twitter profile.

Most overlooked tip—#4: People don’t always fit appropriate keywords into their bios well.

The secret is to put some work into this. Use a list where appropriate to get more keywords in if you need to. Don’t use the ampersand “&” as it doesn’t always display properly. The Alt+16 character “►” can work well in delineating items in a list.

Tips 8-15: Listen

If you’re not using enterprise Twitter software with advanced tracking built in, start by using a Dashboard tool such as MarketMeSuite, HootSuite or TweetDeck and setting up columns for the things you want to track, particularly mentions of your username and business name. (For more tips, check out How To Be A Better Listener On Twitter.)

Top Tip—#13: Use BufferApp to schedule tweets for the times when people are most likely to see them. It’s ridiculously simple, and can double your clicks and retweets and increase your influence correspondingly—such as adding 10-15 points to your Klout score.

Tips 16-23: Integrate

Again, don’t say “I know this”—use this as a checklist. What have you overlooked?

Most Misunderstood Tip—#23: This can be a time-saver instead of an annoyance. You have two alternatives here: Use a Twitter app made for your mobile device, or use email alerts.

You can set up email alerts of tweets so that you are ONLY informed of messages from key people or on key topics—things you want to know about in real time. See “Respond More Efficiently To Key Contacts” at “The 3 T’s of Social Media Time Management” for more info on how to do this.

Tips 24-31: Innovate

Remember to connect with other businesses like yours, and learn from their example. Make a list of your favorite Twitter ideas over time as you discover them and get creative about thinking how you might use them.

Great Resource: Twitter’s “Case Studies” and  “Twitter Stories” sites. Two of my favorite stories are how one tweet saved a business, and how a business got incredible PR for the cost of a meal by listening to tweets about their business.

Tips 32-39: Hashtags

Often misunderstood and used poorly, hashtags can instead become your secret weapon. Remember tip #14, “Follow Twitter Chats?” They’re all identified by hashtag. To learn more about #hashtags, check out this list of tips.

Most Misunderstood—#38: #FollowFriday is one of the most efficient ways to build your Twitter reputation. (See “What is Follow Friday” if this is new to you.) However, you should use the alternate hashtag #FF instead, because it is shorter. Recommending others builds your reputation as a Twitter resource and influencer. But don’t just throw out usernames—say WHY you recommend the accounts you mention in your tweets, or you could be doing it wrong.

Tips 40-48: Retweets

First, remember to retweet others. This is the way to get retweeted yourself. Also, if you’ve never used the alternate RT method before (tip #41), start by reading the short Retweet Glossary, Syntax and Punctuation to get up to speed on this alternate method of retweeting

Most Misunderstood—#45: Sometimes called “Retweeting with comment” you have to set up your app or browser to make this work the way you want. If you are using Twitter.com, you’ll need a browser plugin such as BufferApp for Twitter.com to gain the option to retweet with comment. Otherwise, most apps have two options. Choose the “retweet with comment” option. Adding comments to retweets is a way to engage further with people. It’s as simple as adding “This is great: …” to your retweets.

Tips 49-56: Research

You don’t have to spend a lot of time at this, but you do have to do it! Mark out some time once a week (no less than once a month) to keep up to date. See The 3 T’s of Social Media Time Management if you’re having trouble carving out time.

Most Misunderstood—#54:  Some of your most engaged contacts will be your critics. So when a critic gets in touch, use the opportunity to network instead of just focusing on the criticism! See “The sneakiest secret of all” at the bottom of “How ANYONE can become incredibly popular on Twitter, or ANY social network” for more info on this.

Tips 57-64: Chats

Be sure to check out the spreadsheet of all Twitter chats to find some right for you. If you’re not familiar with #TwitterChat, start at 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Twitter Chat to get up to speed.

Most Underutilized—#64:  Network with the people that lead Twitter chats. These people can become your greatest resource on Twitter. Always Twitter-savyy, often business savvy, be sure to help them where you can, and get their help when apppropriate.

Back To You:

Have any questions about a particular tip? What tips do you have? Leave a comment in the box below and we’ll be in touch!


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