The best use of social media is learning

People new to social media, and Twitter in particular, have trouble conceptualizing what it is and how to best use it.

I would say the following quote from Francine Hardaway,  is true for individuals, organizations, or businesses. In how small business can best leverage social media, she said:

The best use of social media for business isn’t really marketing, it’s learning. Social media allows you access to…best practices. That’s never been possible before.”

Get involved to learn things that will improve your life or your business, and help others do the the same.

A favorite recent story is of a medical student that took up Twitter to find a way to “waste some time.” She then started tweeting study questions…and found experts worldwide begin answering them! It became her best study tool.

It’s easy to get started.

As pointed out in 10 Guidelines to do doing well on Twitter, take a 3-step approach to begin:

  1. Seek others that you can help, and help them.
  2. Seek others that can help you, and take an interest in who they are and what they do. Always be looking for better and better mentors. Study their behavior. Emulate them when it is natural to do so. Have more than two mentors.
  3. Seek out and promote people, organizations, missions and projects that you believe in that help others.

Twitter is a $10,000 check you’re leaving uncashed” also emphasizes learning:

You should begin by using Twitter as what is known as a PLN (Personal Learning Network), and finding good answers to your tax, sales, legal, hiring, marketing, investment, and other important business, career or personal questions. As you get good at doing this, you’ll learn naturally how the Twitter community works.

For ideas on how to do more, read through these 100 Essential Twitter and Social Media Tips to find ways inspire people to action, tell your story, connect with supporters and much more.

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