Twitter Is One Of Life’s Biggest Opportunities

I’ve advised clients (years ago) not to buy late night television ad slots for their infomercials. Why? Because that’s when many people are at their most vulnerable. As a human being, you don’t want to be exploiting vulnerable people.

Everyone has a chance to help others

I started @TweetSmarter to help people in a human-to-human way when they need it most. I learned from working in tech support years ago how difficulties with computer and internet technologies can make people VERY vulnerable. It can ruin their day, their work, their peace of mind. Working with computer and internet technologies creates an overall feeling of day-to-day malaise for many people.

There needs to be a caring person there to help (not just a “warm body” who answers the tech support phone), someone there to help you both with your technology issue, and to help you in a human-to-human way with the feelings of vulnerability that arise. Unfortunately, that’s often the opposite of how many marketers or businesses think. They want to find vulnerable people, or use fear-anger-disappointment, etc. to generate vulnerabilities in people they can exploit. But social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook CAN be a huge opportunity for anyone to do the “human” thing—and help people, connect with people in a real way.

“There’s never been a easier way for any person anywhere in the world to reach out, make a connection, and help someone.”

That’s why I almost always go out of my way to help, asking if I addressed their question, asking folks to check back and let me know how their situation turned out, sending multiple references and suggestions if I think it will help. It’s not for business reasons—I’m in my fourth year on Twitter and don’t use @TweetSmarter to build a list or gather customers. I help others for human reasons—because that’s why we’re here on earth. As my wife Sarah and I often like to point out, We Are God’s Representatives on Earth.

Life is about people connecting with people to give and receive support, humor, kindness, interest in one another. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook and you’re not concentrating on making connections as a real person, connecting to other real people, you’re making a huge mistake—and missing one of life’s biggest opportunities. There’s never been a easier way for any person anywhere in the world to reach out, make a connection, and help someone.

Multiple ways to use Twitter

Of course, there is no one “right” way to use Twitter. In general, I would say not to worry about people that don’t want to follow you, and use Twitter the way that makes the most sense for you.

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