Please come back to Twitter!

UPDATE: We have just learned from her daughter that “Mom had tears in her eyes watching the video and watched it several times.” I wrote her back “Now *I’ve* got tears in my eyes! It’s all about love, isn’t it? I’m so glad we were able to help!! :)))”

Earlier this year, a new Twitter user spending her first busy day on Twitter saw a definition from the Urban Dictionary that we tweeted. Too new to be completely sure how Twitter works, she wasn’t sure it was a general tweet and thought it was probably a message to her specifically (even though it just said “Definition of _____” with a link to the definition entry).

As anyone who has read the Urban Dictionary knows, a lot of their definitions are fairly vulgar. So it was a very, very sad day for us earlier this week when we heard from the daughter of that Twitter user—many months after the fact by that point—telling us her that mother was convinced we had been saying something vulgar about her.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s unfortunate Twitter is so hard to learn. We feel particularly bad since our whole purpose on Twitter is to help people have a good experience here.

So, to the mother of our Twitter friend: Please accept our sincere apologies for the confusion, and we hope you’ll please come back to Twitter!

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