Three ways Twitter can make money

Show us trends by topic

There are tweets about the latest trend for almost any topic you can imagine. Twitter should let you choose which kind of topic trends you want information about, from general, such as Fashion or Tech, to more specific, such as iPhone development or US Political news. Then they monetize by showing us ads relevant to those trends…with general ads mixed in as necessary.

The problem: Twitter itself doesn’t know what is trending for different topics. But, many services and users exist to find the best tweets about different topics; Twitter could follow their example or buy or partner with users/services.

Have key accounts people are required to follow

Similarly, have official accounts for different topics. Require that each user follow a general “Twitter urgent notifications” account and at least one official account for a topic that interests you. Then let users decide whether they want to see more or fewer tweets from those accounts (by following @t_fashion_all vs @t_fashion_min for example). Then ads can be mixed into the tweets from these accounts.

The problem: This would require a change to Twitter’s infrastructure, and finding the right balance of tweets, such as deciding when to repeat tweets.

Provide services people want

I know that there are tons and tons of features that users absolutely love that Twitter doesn’t provide. I spend hours every week helping users find and use tools that allow things such as searching old tweets. There is a way to monetize this that I haven’t seen anyone try, nor anyone talk about. I’m going to propose how that might work in my next blog post. So stay tuned!


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