One Amazing, Easy Trick For Writing Great Tweets

Whether you’re writing a post or linking to someone else’s, finding the most compelling point about the topic is critical.

The most compelling point is what you need to put in the tweet, and if you’re the writer, it belongs in the headline of your post.

Fortunately, there’s a phenomenon that most writers are unaware of that can lead you right to the most compelling point!

Writers—probably yourself included—naturally find the most compelling way to make their point only after they’ve warmed up.

How To Find The Most Compelling Statement

For most of us, all we need to do is start writing the best we can whatever occurs to us, then wait until around the third paragraph or so. You’ll see this phenomenon on tons of blogs. There, partway down the page, is the main point, or the most compelling statement. Which should have been the headline!

If you’re the writer, sometimes it’s as simple as throwing out whatever you wrote first and starting with the third paragraph (approximately).

The second most common place to find this statement is in the last paragraph, often in the final sentence.

If you’re reading something by a very experienced writer who has fallen into this trap, you’ll most often find the point that should be their headline in the first or second sentence. (So close!)

How To Take Advantage Of This Phenomenon

In your own writing, find out what your habit is—where you typically being to “hit your stride,” and expect it. Use it! Just start writing as best as you know how and then watch for your key point to come out.

When sharing someone else’s writing in a tweet, Facebook update or elsewhere, watch for the most compelling point to come out as the writer gets warmed up. If you don’t see it in the first few paragraphs, skip to the end and look for it there. You’ll be amazed at how many writers follow a predictable pattern of overlooking their best writing.

Then don’t use their headline in your tweet or share; use the most compelling point instead after you’ve unearthed it.

Main Point or “Most Compelling” Point?

It’s often easy to logically tell yourself what the main point of what you’re writing is. But that isn’t necessarily the most interesting and compelling point to the reader.

Sometimes it’s how you come up with a turn of phrase. Or make your point in the simplest, clearest way. There can be something magic about writing, and what comes out only after you’ve begun. Don’t rely on preconceptions. Let the creative act of writing take you places you didn’t expect. In fact, expect it! Experienced writers are very familiar with this phenomenon.

How to Outline When You’re The Writer

Writer and bloggers who have to produce a lot of content often find that outlining is their best friend. It’s the fastest route to producing lots of good content.

To get your best point into your outline, try this simple trick:

Start outlining as you would normally, and somewhere when you’re near halfway done, simply start writing. Do your best, try to make your key points compellingly and quickly. But keep writing and see if takes you somewhere. It probably will lead you to a point or way of saying something that’s a little different than you expected.

If this leads you to a more compelling way to make your point—and it often will—go back to your outline. Adjust it with what you’ve learned, then fill it in as you normally do.

This simple trick is worth it. It takes only a bit longer than than the approach of outlining then filling it, but it can bring much of your writing up to a new level that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

What’s Your Experience?

Over some days or weeks, look for this phenomenon. Let me know what you find! You’ll see most writers follow a very predictable pattern.

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