Top Twitter Tips & Tools For Week 15, 2011

Here are the most clicked tweets from @TweetSmarter by category in order of popularity for Monday April 11, 2011 through (and including) Sunday April 17:

About Twitter

  1. The Truth About Twitter’s Troubles:
  2. Comedian @stephenfry prepared to go to prison over “Twitter joke” trial:
  3. HUGE list of the most followed users on Twitter:
  4. Why Did Twitter’s CEO Get Fired?
  5. Top tweeter has nearly 2 million tweets!


  1. Did you know you can track anyone’s unfollowing history? Example:
  2. #DidYouKnow …you’re blocked from seeing conversations unless you follow both people?
  3. Why don’t many people follow you on Twitter?
  4. The complete Twitter text and SMS reference:
  5. Don’t Make These Twitter Mistakes
  6. 10 reasons I won’t follow you ► …& 7 reasons I will ►
  7. 5 Reasons Your Twitter DMs Are Being Ignored:
  8. Do you know the 5 Types of Tweets and Where They Appear?


  1. Infographic of different kinds of Twitter users. Which one are you?
  2. Twitter Really Shouldn’t Be THIS Serious: [pic]
  3. The way some people use Twitter, in one image:
  4. What happens when you try to quit Twitter [cartoon]:


  1. 10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools


  1. #Whoa! Fired employee wipes out whole season of TV show
  2. 52 Incredibly Useful Sites: the Full List:

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