Were You Tricked Into Giving Up Your Password?

When your Twitter account suddenly starts sending out Tweets you didn’t write, what happened? What should you do?

First, change your password: In most cases, this is all you need to do to regain control of your account. And delete any tweets or DMs you didn’t send, and apologize and explain to people that your account was hijacked.

Here are three DMs going around right now that try to trick you:


When you click the link, it appears that you are taken to a login page. If you think “Huh, I must have been logged out. I’ll just login so I can see what this link is about” you will lose your password to hijackers.

Don’t Type Your Password Anywhere Without Checking The Page You’re On!

The reason is that these are NOT Facebook or Twitter login pages! These are fake pages set up by the hijackers, hoping you won’t notice and will type in your password so they can steal it from you. Here’s what the two fake pages look like for these scams (but other scams use similar looking pages):




Stealing your password in this manner is known as “phishing.” If you don’t realize what you’ve done, when your account is taken over later, you’ll probably think you’ve been hacked, but in reality someone tricked you into giving away your password: you’ve been “phished.”

Spammers? Or Hijacked Accounts?

Wouldn’t you want someone to help you if this happened to you?

Realize that most of these kind of message are frequently from hijacked accounts. The people themselves are NOT spammers! It’s kinder to tweet or DM them to let them know what’s happened to their account than simply unfollowing them.

Eventually of course, if they don’t figure out that their account has been compromised, the hijackers will use it to send out spam to try to make money

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