The “bet with my boss” scam. Please do NOT retweet it

The “bet with my boss” tweet scam (see bottom of this post) gets people to retweet to help someone make their boss pay for doubting the power of Twitter! However, it’s a scam. People (and some spambots) are just copying a tweet that they’ve seen has worked for other people in order to get more retweets. Don’t fall for it!

Some people are having fun mocking the scam:

People are always trying to come up with ways to get retweets. A popular one is to ask for retweets for a particular reason, for example,

“I’m demonstrating Twitter to a friend, please RT so I can show them the power of Twitter.”

Many tweets I see like that one appear legitimate. However, the “bet with my boss one” is NOT legitimate. Here are a few examples:

The same scam has even made it to LinkedIn and gotten media coverage. Thanks to @Hermaniak for pointing this out:

One thought on “The “bet with my boss” scam. Please do NOT retweet it

  1. Q: I’m relatively new to trying to build a Twitter presence professionally. I’ve found that there is an account that has, over the past few days, RT’d me sans any credit. I’m not earth-shattering, but I’d like the exposure as much as the next gal. What’s a good approach? And – thanks in advance :)

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