Should You Repeat Some Tweets? I Do. Here’s Why:

If there’s important and popular information that’s helpful to people on Twitter, generally I repeat it within a day or so…even though some people are annoyed by the repeating.

I don’t earn anything by repeating tweets, and 99% of what I repeat is not written by me or anyone I work with.

So I’m not doing it to promote myself, my friends, or to earn money.

What I’ve found is that important, popular information gets just as much readership (and retweets/favs) when it’s repeated as it does the first time it’s sent out. Even if it’s repeated as much as three times (which I almost never do, but occasionally I will repeat something twice.)

Repeats Double, Triple or Quadruple Readership And Retweets/Favs

The statistics don’t lie: most people appreciate the repeats. If I send a really important and popular tweet out three times, it gets three times as much readership. That’s why many top users, such as Guy Kawasaki, repeat their tweets four times. That’s too much for me though. It seems to push the annoyance factor too far for the average user, even though stats show that each repeat gets as much activity as the previous ones when you send them out at different times.

I repeat tweets because it helps people, and people appreciate the information.

Why should I keep that information from people who obviously want it, and tweet something less important instead?

Instead, I choose to get the important information out to as many people as I can. I do this even though some people unfollow us because we repeat tweets.

However, as a courtesy to people, I label most repeats with a “r/t” (without the quotes) so you can avoid clicking on repeats. I started doing this years ago, because people were annoyed when they would click on a tweet they had already seen.

Also, some people asked me for the fastest way to go though our tweets and see only the most important ones. Just pull up our twitter feed and do a search (Ctrl-F) on the page for “r/t” (without the quotes).

Too Much Repeating, Or Just Enough?

So if some repeating is okay, the next question is, do I repeat too many tweets?

This is a harder question to answer. I would say that I probably do repeat too many, in that we would have quite a few more followers if we repeated less (or hid them and tried to make it less obvious).

But I would rather get important, useful information out to people that want it than worry about losing a few followers here or there.

Should you repeat your tweets?

Most people do repeat tweets about their business or things they themselves have written. Generally, my first repeat is 12 hours from the initial tweet: I want it as far as possible from reaching the same readership.

If the information is not particularly current or urgent however, I may wait a few days, while still keeping it at the opposite time of day from the initial tweet.

I also repeat really useful tweets about 6-9 months after the first tweet, if the information is still current and relevant.

How about you? Do you repeat your tweets? What do you think about people that do?

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