Infographic: Should You Avoid Twitter’s Official Retweet Button?

Most people don’t fully understand the different types of retweets. The traditional, user-created retweet is sometimes also called “retweet with comment” or “classic retweet.”

But even if you don’t add a comment to a retweet, there can be benefits to avoiding just clicking the retweet button on (or setting your app to work that way). Here’s a comparison infographic between the two kinds:

If you want to read more about the different kinds, check out “Retweet the old fashioned way, using ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’ retweets only.

If you want to have an option from to choose your type of retweet, you’ll need to add a plugin to your browser, such as:

  1. For Firefox
  2. For Chrome
  3. For Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
  4. With cool built-in scheduler (My favorite—you’ll need to sign up for a free account)

To learn more about the different methods of doing a “classic” retweet, see the “Retweet Glossary, Syntax and Punctuation.”

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