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Twitter’s Mobile Users Are Young and Highly Engaged on Twitter

A new Compete study has found that 18 to 34 year olds are 52% more likely to be logging into Twitter primarily via a mobile device.

These users are twice as likely to use Twitter when they are out with friends, and 62% of mobile Twitter users communicate with people near them via Twitter, like tweeting a friend to let them know you’ve arrived. Or Tweeting a photo with friends and include their Twitter handles when you’re all out at a restaurant.

So how else is a user that accesses Twitter primarily on mobile different from the average Twitter user?


Mobile Blog Post 3

Mobile Blog Post

How You Use Twitter Can Prevent You From Ever Working There

In years past, I noticed some Twitter employees didn’t even have a Twitter account before they were hired.  No longer.

Now potential hires have their Twitter accounts carefully studied by CEO Dick Costolo’s staff before they are hired, to make sure it meets their criteria.

Only started your Twitter account in the last few weeks? Don’t expect a job offer, because it looks suspiciously like you might have set up your account just to try to get the job. Costolo and staff want to see Twitter accounts that are “truly embracing the organisation and its ethos.”

“I think it’s great [to] use that as a measurement of how suited they are to Twitter as a company,” Costolo enthused at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Engage conference in London on Thursday.

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Infocharts: What the World Tweets, And From Where

A cool new service—the Diffbot Page Classifier API—instantly determines the page type of any web link, e.g product, article, image, recipe, etc. Very cool!

Their Chrome extension classifies every link in your Tweet-stream, and automatically expands all photos and articles without leaving

Diffbot analyzed 750,000 links posted to Twitter to determine what we’re sharing, and where we’re sharing it from (click here for full infographic):

Breakdown of tweeted links by page type:

Language of linked-to pages in tweets (top two page-types per language):

Most-tweeted article sites:

Most-tweeted image sites:

Most-tweeted video sites: