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The Fine Art of The Twitter #HashPhrase

Ever see tweets where someone added what looks like a funny sentence all mashed together as a #hashtag? Here are a few examples with some context from the tweet they were added to:

  • Sure, I’d love to #AgreeSoWeCanBothBeWrong (as a way of criticizing someone else’s tweet)
  • #IfIWereAChickenIdBeImpeccable (sarcastically praising themselves for something smart they said) and used in a similar vein, #BowToTheMaster
  • #TweetsSoPhatYouWillOrbitThem (praising someone being recommended as great to follow)
  • #IfGreatTweetsWereACrimeYoudBeGuiltyAsCharged (praising someone for their great recent tweet)
  • I’m still learning #AClosedMouthGathersNoFoot (after admitting they were wrong in another tweet)
  • Photos like that remind me I’m #NotBaldJustTallerThanMyHair (talking about what bothers them when they see photos of themselves)

These are a way unique to Twitters of adding short, personal comments. They build on the parenthetical style often used in blog posts, such as

  • *nodding in total agreement*
  • *smiling at that thought*
  • *reaching for a hankie to cry in*
  • etc.

The #HashPhrase style of comment are one of my favorite things about Twitter—ultra-brief commentary you can add to almost anything. And often the more creative, funny or off-the-wall they are, the better. And I also like how Susan Orlean describes them over at the New Yorker.

Your Help Needed! Who Are The Greatest #HashPhrasers?

I’m on a mission to give recognition to great users of the Twitter #HashPhrase—when I saved the ones in my example I lost the links to the original tweeters :(

Please help! Whenever you see an example of a great #HashPhrase, or users who regularly come up with great #HashPhrases add a comment here, or just tweet about it and add #GreatHashPhrase or #HashPhrase to your tweet and I’ll see it. Thanks!!

@WordsDoneWrite has a fun collection of creative hashtags at “Do you have #Hashtagitis?”

Not Trending Topics

Obviously, many of Twitter’s trending topics are based around #HashPhrase-like strings of words, such as some of my favorites, #failedchildrensbooktitles, #geekpickuplines and #1stdraftmovielines (see more great ones here). But what I’m looking for are the #HashPhrases used as comments in tweets, not as labels for contest submissions (which is what these kind of trending topics are).