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Is your blog so bad it’s untweetable?

Every day I find blog posts with information I’d like to share…but can’t because the blog is so bad.

Often it’s the writing. I tolerate poor writing by non-English speakers if the content is really good, and defend my choice to people who write in and say “That tweet you sent had bad writing.” But far too often, the writing is just too bad to tweet.

Almost as bad is the writer who takes 6-10 paragraphs to talk on and on about their personal life and interests before getting to the point. Get to the point no later than the third or fourth paragraph please.

Ads and formatting make far too many posts hard to read. This is very fixable, people!

If there’s an ad at the top of the website, another one above the article, and two more beside the article and in the middle of the article, I often won’t tweet it, unless the ads are small, and the article is well-formatted to make it easy to ignore the ads.

If you’re using a really light gray and your text is bunched together with little spacing, forget it. Dark neon colors on a black background? No way. I’m always amazed at the combinations people come up with to make their blogs unreadable.

Every day I share blog posts that are poorly written and poorly formatted because the content is good enough to overcome the deficiencies. But some are just untweetable.