Why we link to other Twitter bloggers instead of blogging more

Someone recently asked me:

Why do you share so many other people’s writings about Twitter instead of blogging them yourself and becoming more popular? I’ll bet your blog could get ten times the traffic!

In fact, I even tweet other people’s writings when we have written something similar ourselves already! I like connecting people, learners with teachers especially.

Connect people who want to learn with people who want to teach

I feel that by finding and sharing great writings it’s a better service to people, since there’s no way we could write all the good stuff ourselves! I also think we build a better community by connecting people who want to learn with people who want to teach.

It’s true this blog would get a ton more traffic if it had more posts on it. We could probably sell ad space, etc. I’m just not sure that would be better for people trying to learn Twitter than what we do now: connecting them to all the great Twitter writers out there already. Mostly I write things that I can’t quite find in enough detail elsewhere, often to answer questions that people regularly ask me about.

For example, when I wrote the “The ULTIMATE guide to getting Twitter followers” (longest post ever) I found I couldn’t answer all the questions I was getting by linking to other people’s writings. There were a bunch of topics I hadn’t seen ANYONE write on before regarding Twitter following practices, much less putting it all together in the same place.

I have a database of many of the most popular Twitter articles ever written. I could easily use that to determine which topics to write about that would be popular and get a lot of traffic. Instead, I prefer to write about things that people ask about frequently that I think need more clarification.

You can tweet our posts before we do

While I try to tweet most things within 12-18 hours of when they are published, I don’t try to be the first to tweet new articles (unless they have urgent information, such as Twitter downtime). I try to spread tweets out so as not to overwhelm people, taking care usually never to schedule more than 1-2 links/hour. This means our tweets get less clicks than they could, because people see stuff elsewhere first. That’s fine. The important thing is that they see it! It doesn’t have to be from us.

I also put posts on our blog many hours before I tweet them myself. That gives other people time to be the first to tweet them. Yes, if you subscribe to our feed and tweet our posts, you’ll tweet them before we do almost every time!


I blog a lot of things that are answers to questions people have, or advice I find myself having to give frequently. So I have begun writing shorter, simpler blog posts in many cases, which don’t get that many visitors, but instead simply help me help others by giving me something I can send them in response to questions they have.



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