If quality isn’t your top objective, what is?

I’ve gotten too busy to meet all my objectives, so I’ve had to settle for doing just two things excellently:

  1. Tweeting high quality Twitter information and security alerts;
  2. Providing quality help to people with urgent or difficult questions.

Making this change has been tough.

While I’ve always made quality my number 1 goal, I hate missing useful information, or relevant breaking news, so I spent a lot of time trying not to overlook anything.  And I’ve also spent a ton of time finding people with Twitter questions that I can help (in addition to answering all questions sent directly to me).

But strangely, wonderfully, as I find less and less time to go through read tons of Twitter articles or seek out people with urgent or difficult questions, people have begun helping do that for me. More people sending me high quality information to share. More people directing users with urgent or difficult questions to me.

I never would have expected that by only having time for my highest quality activities, more and more people would step in to help me help others.

But that’s exactly what is happening.

Which just leaves me with one thought: You guys are awesome! 


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