How I failed on Twitter, and how I’m changing

My mission as TweetSmarter is broken down into three objectives, which I’ve listed below. I’ve also include my rating of how good a job I think I’ve been doing:

► Where I failed

1. Connect you to people that help (D+)

The two things I’ve failed the most at are:

  1. Staying in touch with great Twitter users, and engaging them and retweeting their content so as to expose them to more people.
  2. Finding and getting to know more great Twitter users.

To those great Twitter users out there that I know, and have failed to keep in touch with, my apologies. More people need to know about you. I’m going to do better.

Only a few things I’ve done right in this area have kept me from earning a complete failing grade here. I could of course automate #2—there is a ton of “Twitter software” out there that does this. I’ve almost always taken a very manual approach to developing and reviewing lists of new people to follow, and I’ve had to drop this step pretty much completely due to time constraints.

► What I’ve done right

2. Provide the best learning content (A-/B+)

I strive to tweet 95% new, excellent content about how to get the most from Twitter, and spend hours each day finding it or sometimes, writing it.

I strive to provide at least five awesomely useful or popular pieces of content each day from wherever I can find it. It’s no stretch to say this part alone is a full time job, 24 x 7 x 365.

Because Twitter has begun recommending @TweetSmarter to new users lately, I’ve had to spend more time answering questions (see next item), and I’ve had less time for finding great content. I strive for an A++ in this category.

3. Answer your questions (A)

I often write entire blog posts to answer specific questions. I answer every question sent to TweetSmarter within an average of two hours or so, many within seconds or minutes. I answer questions on this blog, by Direct Message, via tweet and on other blogs and forums. If I don’t know the answer, I find it. It’s very rare that I pass someone over to someone else for help. I try to help people without passing them to Twitter support unless it’s absolutely necessary. When I do send people to Twitter support or someone else, I try to help them through the process, and follow up to see if they were helped.

► How I’m going to do better

I’ve purchased a new computer, due to arrive at the end of August (I asked for rush shipping but problems ensued), that I’m going to dedicate to automating part of the process of finding great content, which will also allow more people to help me.

What I’m going to automate is preparing info for people that help me, which is step #1 in this daily workflow:

  1. 3-5 times/day I prepare hundreds of article headlines (and some tweets) to be reviewed (can be much more automated)
  2. Rank and review all headlines/tweets (can be done by people helping me)
  3. Read the remaining few dozen articles and decide what to tweet.
  4. Investigate information as needed, schedule tweets.

Most days I do all these steps myself without anyone’s help. I combine steps 1 and 2. By automating step #1 there will be time to read more tweets, which will mean I can do more retweeting. Currently very few of my tweets are retweets because I find content by searching blogs and aggregators. I don’t read that many tweets! And that’s a mistake.

I want to have more usernames in tweets from @TweetSmarter, more retweets, because that’s how people can connect to other users. And by not doing more retweets, I’m being a bad example. Retweets are one of the greatest community builders on Twitter.

► Why I’m going to be tweeting less content for awhile

The only way I’m going to get the time to setup all the workflow automation needed is to tweet less content, and a bit less new content. I don’t want to answer fewer questions, because people rely on that.

So one reason I’m writing this is to have something to send to people who ask “Where did @TweetSmarter go?” I’ll still be here, but until early mid-September or so, I’ll be tweeting less.

…anyone know a Klout-score-addicts anonymous meeting I can attend when my score starts to drop? ;)

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